Enterprise Agility…. Avoid the trap!

Businesses are finding that the world is moving at rapidly changing pace. The world is getting smaller and the digital revolution shows no sign of slowing down. How do business today deal with this? Digital transformation at the top of the list of issues that business of all sizes are currently having to face up to, but…Read more Enterprise Agility…. Avoid the trap!

How to identify and manage your stakeholders.

Firstly everyone you meet in life is different, we can have similar characteristics but there will always be something that separates us apart. There are also those characteristics that bring us together and understanding how to use these is a fine art. Stakeholder management basically the discipline of doing exactly that. Those who work in…Read more How to identify and manage your stakeholders.

Who’s Driving Who, Technology or Business?

In the current world business and technology are accelerating away, each needing to innovate and push the boundaries, but which is the driver Business or Technology? The simple answer is neither, the actual driver of both technology and business is the customer. Both are trying to connect and engage so they can understand and deliver…Read more Who’s Driving Who, Technology or Business?