Call in the “Hound”

So you like Siri, your partial to a bit of Google Voice, or you have really geek’d out and falling for Cortana’s womanly ways. Well your about it be won over by man’s best friend Hound.

Hound is currently in beta and what we have seen so far is very impressive. 9 years of development for SoundHound looks like it has paid off and this direct competitor to Google Now, Siri and Cortana looks like the real deal.


SoundHound released a video of their product showing how quick is able to answer complex and contextual questions in quick secession at lighting speeds. Even though test carried out by 9to5Google may show that against its competitors the gap is less than expected it still looks and feels a lot slicker in response.

This is the real first big competitor I have seen to the big three and its does excite me. There is some need to make it feel a little bit more human as the quick response that you get to a question could be slowed slightly but I look forward to testing this application making a decision on how it matches up myself.

Definitely one to keep an eye on.

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