So my first time at Lean Agile Manchester and I was really blown away by the great speakers that were at the event. Tom Loosemore‘s talk was really great. He spoke about his top 10 tips for agile/digital transformation and I was able to relate to all of them.  I wasn’t able to write them down as my phone battery is about as useful as a pen with out paper but the couple that stood out for me where as follows:

  • Get a room and get the right room

This for me is so right, its not just about getting the team collocated so they can work together. Great teams find a space that enables them to work in the best way possible. I have had the luck to work at a start up which invested a lot of money in the space that it created for its teams to working. I think that larger companies are not very good at this, which I find funny seeming that they have more funds. I liked the idea that even if you have to find a room in a new derelict building if its the right room fight for it.


This was me and the team at BrightHR the space that we had was amazing and it really made the stress and challenges of working in a start up for the teams easier to work together or find a quite space on a bean bag to get on with righting some strategy or helping to work through product research.


  • Love Governance

Well something like that, but this was really true. If you don’t have governance on side you will never be able to deliver effect agile transformation. Work with Governance to develop a process that enables teams to work in an agile way but still aligns to the governance requirements of the origination that you work in. A great tip.

There where 8 more of these great points which I am going to reach out to Tom about.

The session then went on to some quick fire talks, 5 mins each to get some insight in some really interesting areas.

First up was Gemma Cameron I had the pleasure of working with Gemma at BrightHR where she worked her magic helping to develop a exciting delivery mechanism for the development team.

Gemma’s talk was on the tech community in the North West ( it was really interesting, there are loads of events going on in the north west way more than I knew about and they have a great calendar on the website which you can view all the events. You can even download the calendar to your devices.


Anna Dick’s talk was the next talk that I really thought added some great insight into how we can use Estimation Challenge as a technique to help agile teams get more effective at estimating. I thought this was really great and a good way of using good practise through data and metrics to better understand where the team is at.

Over all a great evening of insights and networking, the food and drinks where on point as well and I would highly recommend anyone that has the slightest interest in agile going along as there is some interesting discussion to be had.


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