wp-image-1983221791jpg.jpgOn Friday I attended the NUX5 conference in the Northern College of Music, Manchester UK. I am not a UXer but UX touches on so many areas of product development, digital and general business that I knew going would be relevant and I would understand the subjects that where being spoken about.

I was blown away at how much I could relate to the subjects which were discussed. They where more than relevant which really lead to some thought provoking question popping up in my mind.

So this post is going to give you a little peak into what I thought of some of those topics and why I believe more non UXers should think about going.

For the love of Wicked Problems

Lola Oyelayo


Lola’s talk was on point, the wicked problems that she touched on where really something that I think lots of the delegates could relate to. I know I have faced a number of the challenges that she touches on in more than one organisation and it was refreshing to here insight on how they can be managed but also that they are not specific to a discipline and UXers find themselves facing similar challenges to their peers. I really though that the insight on how wicked problems are seen and who and what can impact on them was key to this being insightful.

  • What makes a problem wicked
  • The kinds of wicked problems we’re creating
  • The future problems we will need to address
  • Tips for tackling wicked problem

If your interested in learning more then I would suggest reading the book as it really is something that will relate to lots of people’s wickedproblems

Also give Lola a follow on Twitter @lolaoye

The Art of Things Not Done: prioritizing the user experience with the Kano model

Sophie Dennis


Sophie’stalk was really awesome. I too have found the story mapping techniqeue to be a really great tool and the KANO model is well underused in product development. I think it is a really good concept to get using these tools to help prioritise user experience and it aligns really well to development teams and BA who understand the concept also. This is really important as it helps to translate this proportiy more effectively to other skills in the teams you work in.

Sophie’s presentation is online here I would suggest having a flick through and also doing some googling, the scrum alliance have some great insight into User Story Mapping and the KANO Model  have the own website.

The Velvet Rope

Henny Swan


Henny’s talk The Velvet Rope really hit home with me and was such an apt title. My last job was working for a tech start up and we really took WCAG seriously. In other roles though it tends to be an after thought or a box ticking exercise. Henny really took us into what it really is like when the way we lay out our user experiences in the product we create even when meeting the WCAG guidelines can still be unusable for someone with a disability. 1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability and this Henny’s talk really reminded me that we should be thinking about inclusion as part of plan. Her talk really made me think, I hope the other delegates took away as much of a willingness to review how things are being done by everyone involved in product development. I will be doing my own post on how i think we can change approach methodology to make sure we think about this necessary challenge from the start.

 I would recommend to everyone to have a read through Henny’s power point The Velvet Rope.

Also if you are completely unaware of WCAG I highly recommend that reading through it and understanding its principles as we all should have a working knowledge of at least one of these frameworks.

Others to note…

There where also lots of interesting insights from all the other speakers,  Graham Odds really showed us some amazing tech and UX with the ChatBot tech and how design will need to change and think a lot more about words and conversational design that rich UI.

In conclusion I really think that this is a great conference. I think all the talks where current and relevant and I took away learning and insight from everyone. I also think it is good practice to attend these sort of events as they all impact on what I do and how I work with others. I most definitely think that the conference will expand my overall thinking and reminded me about a couple of things that had been lost on the journey to where I am now.

With 600+ delegates it is a real grower and I would highly recommend attending NUX6 next year. Keep up to date with NUX as they have regular meets in major citys around the north as well as this annual conference.

See you next year at  NUX6

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