So since I was young lad I and watched scifi films that showed futuristic robots that would interact with you in a way that you could engage with. This has been something that lots of companies have tried to emulate, apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, Amazon has Echo but non of these companies have done more than giving us the ability to engage with a device that is designed for a different purpose bar from possibly echo. Well a new product has popped up Jibo.


Jibo claims that is robot is the “Worlds First Social Robot for the Home” co-founded by Cynthia Breaszeal a pinoeer of social robotics and MIT Professor.


If I think about what I can compare Jibo to, it would be Jarvis from Ironman but obviously more realistic in capability for our current state of technology and it going to be helping you to make an omelette rather than an Ironman suit.


I am actually really excited about the possibilities that Jibo poses. Technology that helps in the home has far reaching benefits not just for the average Joe but even more so for those how have disabilities or the elderly where interaction and help with day to day task can be invaluable.


Indiegogo’s Jibo Raises $25.3M in Series A Financing led by RRE Ventures. This shows that investers and people see value in the Jibo product. Co-founder and managing partner of RRE Ventures, Stuart Ellman stated,

“Jibo is a natural fit for RRE Ventures. RRE has a long history of discovering category-defining companies in emerging industries and supporting their visionary founders. BuzzFeed in Content 2.0. Makerbot in 3D printing. Venmo in peer-to-peer payments. These ideas seemed crazy at the time. But crazy is a beautiful word at RRE; what’s crazy today is in your home tomorrow. That’s Jibo.”

The crowdfunded machine is set to go on sale later this year for $749 (£529). So I am looking forward to seeing where Jibo will go and seeing if it can become the bridge between us and our technology.

Jibo Promo Video


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