So Microsoft are about to release a new Lumia phone and they have well and truly targeted the business market with it. This new phone will be running windows 10 but what makes this different to other mobiles in the market is that it can be plugged into a dock and used as a PC with a screen, mouse and keyboard. This is surely the ultimate in Senior Exec gadgets!

The Devices:

Lumia 1

The 950 has a 5.2 AMOLED Quad HD screen with a resolution up to 2560 x 1440 more than enough for the average Joe! The Qualcomm Sanpdragon 808 at 1.8GHz Hexa-Core which is more than enough power to get the job done. It also comes with 3gb of RAM which is more than enough for your multi tasking needs. 32Gb of internal storage. The battery is a 3000 mAh battery with fast charge and wireless charging (Qi standard) boasting to have 12 days of standby, 18hrs of 3G  and 9.5hrs of WiFi network browsing. The 950 also has 4G LTE and a 20mp main camera and 5mp front camera.Lumia xl.jpg

THe 950xl has an extra .5 on the screen giving it a 5.7inch AMOLED Quad HD display with the same resolution as the 950 up to 2560 x 1440. The Qualcomm Sanpdragon 808 at 2.0GHz  Octa-core. The XL version has an extra 2 cores and .2ghz more power in its process. This is a nice little extra grunt for the extra £50 in price. The XL has the same RAM at 3Gb and also the same Internal Memory storage of 32GB as the standard 950. The XL has a larger battery with a capacity of 3340 mAh this means that you get and extra 2 hrs of Wifi Browsing and and extra hour (19Hrs) of talk time on 3g.

So what makes this phone so exciting is that both the standard 950 and the XL version can be plugged into a dock, this dock can be connected up to a screen, keyboard and mouse turning it in to a working PC running windows 10. So is this really the answer to long time of businesses being able to have one device that can cover all the tech needs? Maybe!


These devices will be a winner for senior managers/directors or those who have to move about a lot and who need to be mobile will favor this sort of technology. I have seen the need myself and understand these individuals are highly mobile and need their tech to be as well. The only problem I can see is if you don’t have the dock and screen with you and you want to see something on a larger screen what would you do?

Even with this problem I still think that this is a great idea that will solve some problems in regards to being mobile but while being able to carry a device that enables the user to be able to use the features of windows 10 on their phone.

With cost of these devices begin a lot lower than its competitors then why would business not be tempted to purchase this windows 10 device over its counterparts.

This year at the mobile conference in London the prediction of a shift for larger companies to start looking at Microsoft for mobile may actually come to fruition.

I will personally be getting XL device and dock to see whether it is viable option long term.



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