So who used to watch “Back to the Future 2” and think I wish I had a hover-board, I did! I also wanted a pair of Nike Lace ups as well! Well lucky me because it looks like this the year they both become reality or maybe not quite?

After a month of teasers from Lexus they have finally released their long awaited video showing us this mythical creature the Hoverboard!

It shows top skater Ross McGouran getting to grips with the board and trying basically stop him self taking a hit! But this isn’t surprising seeming he is riding a supercooled superconductor. The disappointing part of the Lexus board is that it requires a metal surface to run on as it is basically it is like a small version of a maglev train. It uses magnets chilled to -321 degrees Fahrenheit using liquid nitrogen (Hence the cool vapour) which then creates the superconductors that lift the board and ride off the ground and hover.

For me personally its still a hoverboard and its still the best looking design for a hoverboard that I have seen. close but yet still so far!

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