So Windows 10 has landed and there is much excitement in the tech community about this new version of the Microsoft family. I had been on the Insider Program and seen the development of the OS over the last couple of months which has change from where it started. The current version (10240) which is the version that was released to market is a really nice OS.

Firstly Windows 10 feels a lot more finished than Windows 8 did at launch. Its definitely more stable and isn’t just a rehash of a previous version of Windows. Its so feature rich but not bloated with stuff that you don’t need.

So features first visible change is the UI it has been given a face lift and they have implemented some mobile thinking in there notifications called the Action Centre which adds a nice touch. It gives you plenty of control over functions such as WIFI and screen brightness without having to go digging around for it.


The next thing that you will notice is Cortana. If you don’t know what Cortana is it’s Microsofts version of Siri, basically a personal assistant on your computer who you can ask questions to using voice commands.Windows-10-Cortana-2

You will also notice that the Start menu has been re-engineered. The User Experience (UX) here is some much more smoother than Windows 8.1 it feels like it was designed for using on a destop/laptop and a touch device rather than dumping a start menu in like 8.1

So what else, its lighting fast. I mean its so quick compared to previous versions of Windows. It will start up in seconds and when your in the OS there is no lag or latency when doing anything. I have it on my Surface Pro 3 and its working like a dream.

So what about cost, if your on windows 8.1 you will get a free upgrade to 10. Yes I said free!!! You will see a windows icon appear in the right and task bar that will let you reserve your update


If you are on an older version of Windows or you don’t have windows at all then to purchase a license. Cost for Home £99 and for Pro £199 so not cheap but definitely worth the investment.

So in consultation this is a massive leap forward for Microsoft and makes a statement for the future. With the potential holographic computing that Windows 10 could also unlock it feels like innovations is at the heart of Windows 10 and it will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

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