Firstly when every I start looking for a new challenge I look at my CV and rewrite it. There are two reasons I do this, firstly I keep my CV update with new experiences and skills etc. and it becomes a bit bloated with content. So I will review everything that is in there and then edit my CV down to the key points of value that best show off my experience and expertise in line with the type of job that I am going to apply for. Secondly I look at my LinkedIn account and use some of the new endorsement and check my skills to see if there is anything that is missing or needs updating.

I feel like this is really important because not all jobs are the same and your CV needs to be a good representation of your skills and experience, but should also highlight those that are more targeted at the jobs you are applying for.

A good cover letter is also a great way of grabbing the attention of potential employers. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation and actually if you can create something short and snappy that grabs the interest of a potential employer your setting your self apart from the crowd.

So you have an awesome CV and cover letter and you have that exciting email that asks you to a phone interview, so what do you do next? The answer is research. If you haven’t done this already you should really try to get to know the company you are trying to get a job at. I like to try and remember some key fact such as when the company was created and what things they do. I also try and find some more recent news or information that shows that I have taken the time to try and learn about whats happening with the company right now. This is easier for larger enterprises but can still be done for smaller companies. If you really want the job then go and find out as much as you can.


Try and remember key facts from your CV.The likely hood is that your experience will come up and you want to be convenient when speaking about it. Lastly try and think of some questions and have them written down in front of you.

So you have aced the telephone interview and the next phase is a face to face. To be honest this is a repeat of what you have already done in your telephone interview but on a more detailed level. Firstly dress to impress, if you look the part you feel the part and it will help you feel confident about yourself. Make sure you turn up early, but not to early 10-15 mins before allows you to settle down before you enter your interview and get used to your surroundings.


Make sure you remember the name of your interviewees and when you meet them be confident. My personal technique is to think to myself that I have the skills that this company needs and this is about me finding out if I fit in and if it is what it said it was. Remember that this is a two way process, its as much about you seeing if you could work for them as much as they seeing if your the right person for the job.

Ask for a glass of water, this is always a good idea as there is nothing worse than getting a dry thought. Confidence if key but not to much as that can come across as arrogant. If you don’t know something be honest and say that, there is nothing worse than being able to tell that someone doesn’t understand or have a skill and they are lying about it this will break the trust barrier. Be honest about what you can and can’t do and focus on things your good at. If there are things you haven’t done or have less experience in be positive about the challenge. Finally remember to ask questions it show your interested in them.

Hopefully this tips that I have learned over the year of hiring and being hired will help you in your next job hunt.

Good luck!!

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