The talk of the technology town is Amazons new Echo audio assistant. When I first heard about Amazon Echo I was very skeptical of what I was hearing. Voice control assistant that can help you control you home and also assist you with your day to day. Sound very futuristic.


The first thing that jumped into my head was what about Siri, Google Voice, Cortana and Hound? Surely this isn’t anything that we haven’t already seen. I was wrong, so whats different about Amazon Echo?

Amazon have hit the nail on the head, the product is for the home, somewhere we all feel comfortable enough to talk to a piece of technology. How often do you see someone walking down the street shouting “Siri tell me the weather report” Firstly I am already outside but secondly we haven’t become comfortable enough with interacting with technology in this way yet.

By creating a product that is in the home and making it fun but also useful amazon have done what others have not yet been able to achieve, a bridge that plugs the gap between where this type of interactive technology wants to be and what we as customers are currently comfortable with doing.


So what about Amazon Echo‘s features. Alexa is the name of  Amazon Echo‘s female assistant. You say her name “Alexa” to activate listening. Alexa can help you create list of tasks, tell you the weather and news reports and help you answer seemingly impossible questions. But for me Alexa adds the most value through her ability to control other technology in your house.

As a starting point you can do things like turn your lights on and off (this requires WiFi light bulbs). You can also control WiFi plugs as well. This is what I think about when I dream about an interactive home.

amazon-echo-is-google-for-your-living-room.w654 (1)

If this platform is developed upon and with the Internet of things round the corner whats to say that we couldn’t tell Alexa to turn on the oven or start running the bath.

I really hope that Amazon Echo makes the journey across the pond to the UK as for me this is the most practical future tech product to come on to the market. It not just cool it could seriously help people especially those with disabilities.


Let me know your thoughts, I hope you are as excited by Amazon Echo as I am. Great Job Amazon!!

Amazon Echo

4/5 – When it is Global and not only US it will get a 5 star rating


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