When I was working as a Business Analyst I need to create quick mock ups of systems screens or flow diagrams, I was always jumping from the snipping tool to paint but never being able to deliver anything of high quality which frustrated me as I have found that people are much more receptive to visually stimulating documents than boring black and white.

Then one day from a galaxy far far away landed Snagit! This tool literally changed everything. So what is so good about Snagit?

It is so easy to use, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create great content.  The ability to screen shot anything is great. It has a handy tool that sits at the top of your screen and lets you quickly capture an image from your screen/s. This includes Video and it even highlights where you click, Bonus!


The editor is brilliant, it lets you take your capture content and edit it. You can add arrows and loads of other icons on to the screen. this is really helpful if you are trying to do a mock up or show a problem on your screen.


If you need to create a training video or want to record something from your screen then Snagit can handle that as well.

I have been using Snagit since version 9 and we are now on version 12. I haven’t yet purchased version 12 but from what I can see it looks great. There is support for mobile devices to with the ability to capture content on your mobile and ping it to your desktop version of snagit for some editing.

I think that Snagit provides a tool that does a little bit of everything and it does them well. Anyone looking for a tool that provides content capture and editing should consider purchasing Snagit as it only costs £32. Techsmith the maker of Snagit also have a suite of other apps which I will be testing soon, so look out for the reviews.

My rating for Snagit 4 TTB stars out of 5

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