I have been using the Surface Pro for nearly 6 months now and think that I have got a really good understanding of its strengths and weaknesses, so here is my review of the Surface Pro 3 for business users.

Firstly I have tried a number of different tables (Galaxy 10.1, Galaxy Tab and also the Ipad’s). These tablets did offer some help when on the road or having to travel, but even after purchasing keyboard cases they still never quite bridged the gap between my laptop on my phone.

I wanted something that could be more portable than my laptop with its power, range of applications, keyboard, but also I wanted the touch interaction and versatility of my tablets. I also didn’t want to be restricted with connectables such as screens/projectors etc.

The first two version of the Surface Pro never quite gave me enough reason to spend the high price tag on them. Firstly the frist gen just didn’t have the battery life and had Windows RT which was a horrible experience. The second generation finally had windows 8 and was a massive step in the right direction but its process wasn’t powerful enough to carry out some of the heavy tasks I needed, it was also quite heavy and clunky this meant that it wasn’t better than a laptop.

Finally the Surface Pro 3 was released and it was a major improvement on the previous two generation. Firstly the processes are amazing with i3, i5, i7 and also up 16gb of ram which means that even the heavy data tasks I run can be handled. The case was upgraded and became a lot nice to use the keyboard and touch pad. The screen size was increased from 10 to 12 inches which makes a massive difference when trying to read anything. It has USB and mini display port. It really has the look and feel of a premium product. Even the charge is amazing it has a USB port on it which is a life saver when on the Virgin train to London as I can charge my laptop and my phone at the same time using the same charger.


The dock that can be purchased for the Surface Pro also adds a great touch. It really does help when back at the office, no need to connect up any wires just drop it in the dock your done. Also when using the dock you can get three screen split, two monitors and the surface display.


My person feeling is this is what a lot of business have been looking for when it come to mobility and power in a device. As it is running windows 8.1 all your favourite work applications can be used unlike android Tablets and Ipads. With Windows 10 coming in July 2015 I think Surface is about to get even better. From what we have seen since I have been testing Windows 10 on my surface is that it is a lot clear and clean user experience.20150619_105952(0)Using my surface pro in a tent.

Any business that has mobile staff and is looking for the durability, power and security of a laptop but wants to the mobility and additional functionality of a tablet the Surface Pro is the answer.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into Surface Pro.

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