So this year I went to the CIPD technology showcase at London’s Kensington Olympia. There was really good showing from the UK Hr Technology market, some companies I didn’t expect to see and some that I thought would be there that were not.


The stand out from this year’s event for HCM goes to CoreHR. They are an enterprise level HR technology provider that operate mainly in the UK. They had a fun but cool looking stand as you can see below and their product looked good as well.CoreHR-13-870x418

They had a cool game that you could play to win an iWatch which definitely got peoples attention.

The best recruitment site stand has to go to Glassdoor. If you haven’t heard of Glassdoor they show employee insight into companies, in the US they are used as a job site but here in the UK Candidates tend to use the site to get insight on a company they may be applying to work at. The beauty of their product is it integration into everything, I mean everything. They get extra brownie points for the Sun-bins, Good Job!


The best of the recruitment software is a draw between Broadbean and Eploy. Two great products that I would definitely look at if you are interested in recruitment software. Each one approaches the problem of employment from their own unique perspective but they both deliver a quality recruitment package.

Generally there was an exciting atmosphere at the CIPD HR Tech showcase. Anyone looking for any insight into the market, looking to purchase some software or even for some inspiration should get themselves to the next event which is the CIPD HR Tech Showcase in Manchester in November 2015.

I have a feeling that the Manchester event will be just as good maybe even better and it is definitely worth a look!


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