So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about hololens in which I went through some of it’s early development information. Yesterday at E3 hololens made an appearance and it was epic.

So what was so interesting? Minecraft a game played by millions have teamed up with hololens to make their smash hit game hololens compatible.

It started by showing how you can put a screen on any wall and then use that screen to play mincraft using hololens. Only you can see it but they used a specially adapted camera to show the audience what hololens could see. Then they started playing two player, one person using the hololens and the other using a surface.

This is now where it got really cool! The guy who had the hololens on got to a desk and then create a 3d version of the world they were playing with on a table. He zooms in and out to find the other player in the game and can follow her. While this is happening the 3d world is moving and deploying on the table seamlessly.

This is the first time we have seen how clear and clean the 3d images that hololens create in real time. Also how you can use voice, sight and gesture to interact with your environment.

The highlight of the demo was when the hololens user needed to explode some tnt in the game to create a hole. He does this by looking at the point he wants which was the tnt then he told hololens to fire a bolt of lighting at the tnt, He does it and the tnt explodes to the E3 crowds delight.

This is a really strong showing for hololens and has really come to E3 with a bang.

You can read my original post on hololens here.

Holographic computing is here

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