So I have been hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge for 3 months and there are somethings I love about this phone and some other that I can’t stand.

Things I love

  • Touchwiz light has been a massive bonus for me, I hated how restrictive touch wiz was on the S4 and nothing really improved much in the S5. Bloatware was the name of the game and even though there is still some on the S6 it is a massive improvement.
  • The camera is just unbelievable. I have just come back from a trip in Europe and the below picture was taken with my S6 which I think is awesome. I really like the pro mode and also the downloadable add-ons that add cool short cuts to different camera settings such as selective focus shots.


  • The screen is unbelievably clear and crisp, probably the best screen I have seen on a mobile device ever and I like that. Looking at any content is pleasurable using the S6
  • The Fingerprint scanner is great and I do love the fact that I don’t have to put a pin in or swipe pattern to get in my phone.
  • The quick charge is brilliant, there has been a couple of times where my phone battery was running low and I need to go out but a quick stint on the fast charger and I was up to 40% and ready to go. This is a massive bonus for someone who uses their phone constantly like me.
  • Wireless charging, at first I wasn’t overly bothered about but with Ikea’s new range of products I am excited. Having a have decent designed charging pad that I can dump my phone on has been great and I recommend looking at their awesome range.

20154_wcvd01a_02_PH124170 20154_wcvd01a_03_PH124083

Things I’m not so keen on

  • The Edge version looks great but right now thats about it. There is not enough supported apps to make this addition enough of a feature to buy the edge over the standard S6. I have hardly used any of its features and don’t see myself using them until something more useful comes out.
  • The glass back looks nice but is very impractical due to how smooth the back is. Because of the glass it will slide off any surface that is not flat. This is annoying, so far it has slipped off the leather sofa, towels, even a wooden table. My advice for any potential S6 owner is a case or don’t put it on surfaces that are not flat.
  • Data leaking is massive. The highest overall leak I experienced from the phone has been 1.6Gb of data from multiple apps. This means that having a tool to clean this regularly is important if you don’t want to have to restart your phone at some point. I am currently using Clean Master.

Final thoughts

I think that this is a solid phone with more positives than negatives. I would recommend the S6 to anyone that is looking for a new phone and it is defiantly nicer to use day to day than my iPhone 6. I wouldn’t currently recommend the S6 edge unless you love design and you don’t care about spending the money as there is not enough practical use for its display, but this may change. This is defiantly a statement phone that Samsung can be proud of.

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