So the future is really starting to feel like today and HoloLens by Microsoft is definitely one of the reasons.

What is HoloLens?

HoloLens is a visor that works with windows 10, but it is no ordinary visor. HoloLens projects 3d objects into your real world environment which you can interactive with. Think virtual to do lists on the fridge, holographic TV on the wall which will follow you round the house, basically you can do all those things you have wanted to do in minority report and more.

Windows 10 is going to be the first operating system that can handle holographic computing and with improvements and further integration of Cortana Microsoft version of Siri based on a character from the halo game series I have the feeling that this is going to be a technology pairing that could change the future of home computing.

What I am looking forward to with HoloLens:

  • Can watch what every I want in any room
  • Can interact with the virtual environment using real environment objects like hand and fingers.
  • This could be a real opportunity to start creating truly virtual office environments without leaving home.
  • Education could be changed by technology such as HoloLens making teaching more interactive.

HoloLens has to learn from some of the technology that has already tried to start integrating our personal tech with our real world environment. The big one is Google Glass, even though it was a different application of visual interactive technology it still had flaws that meant that it became commercial not viable to launch in its current form with worries about privacy and practicality . Hopefully Microsoft will have learnt from this and by making this a product for a closed environment it may have made it more appealing but I suppose that is completely down to how you feel about wearable tech. With an expected 2016/17 release there is plenty of time to tweak HoloLens.


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