So this is my first post to my new blog, exciting times.

A little bit about me….

I have worked in a number of different roles based around the disciplines of Business Analysis, Project Management, Commercial Analysis and Strategy Management. I currently work for a tech start up in Manchester UK but have worked for lots of different types of businesses from Global Financial Services to Public Sector. I am a massive fan of anything outdoors and love a bit of adventure.

Why a blog…..?

As I was moving my way up through the roles I felt like firstly some of the things I was learning could help others and also that insight from others would be useful in my personal development. This has lead me to write this blog for all to love or hate.

It has taken me a while to do this for a couple of reasons but the main one is that as a dyslexic writing anything in the public domain can be a little bit daunting. I’m happy to speak to 100 people in a room but when it comes to writing that has its barriers. I rarely tell people that I am dyslexic as I don’t wish to be pre-judged on it, but it feel like I have achieved a lot in the 29 years I have been on this planet and I’v not let it get in my way before.

Whats this all about…?

This blog is going to be about anything from the areas of Technology and Business. I am in a very unique position that my current and previous roles have crossed both these areas of interest which I am massively passionate about. I hope that I am able to translate that passion into my blog and give you some interesting insight.

Well that’s enough of me banging on about myself the next time you hear from me it will be about something a lot more interesting, until then cheers!

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